Friday, May 21, 2010

Welcome to OneFootInBerlin

Why "OneFootInBerlin"? Well, it seems to be a good time to start this blog as I embark on my return to Berlin Germany (not to be confused with Berlin Vermont) on June 1st. I live, work and study 4-5 months a year in Berlin, and reside the rest of the year in the beautiful City of Portland Maine. Initially, I thought I would share my experiences as an American living abroad in Berlin: a kind of Henry James travelogue. But why limit myself. This is my Blog and why not also discuss broader issue such as politics, art, music, film, sports, health, gardening and literature. In short, create an online forum to discuss topical issues from a person who happens to be living part-time in Berlin.

A little about myself. I have a degree in Landscape Architecture but decided to forgo my interest in design and botany to study Law: good move from a monetary perspective but not so good for the soul. That is to say, while working as an attorney, I met a lot of people both as clients and colleagues with dubious moral and ethical character. To be sure, I met a lot of honorable attorneys with high standards; but alas, they were the exception and certainly not the rule. If I ever have the opportunity to write a book, I will call it "Effective Scapegoating Techniques for Practicing Attorneys or How to Achieve Career Advancement at the Expense of Others." (I adopted this title from an April Fools Day tweet, but that's another story for a future post.)

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