Friday, June 18, 2010

Just Wander

I like to wander in the cities I visit. I generally select a few places that I want to see; but otherwise, I just walk around with no fixed destination.  For example, today I was walking around central Olso and discovered a great jazz cafe.  It was tucked away in a courtyard that I would have missed if had been bicycling or been on public transit.  Even walking I would have missed it, except I happened to notice a group of people entering a narrow alley and looked in. There I found a courtyard and outdoor cafe tables. Inside was a jazz music store and upstairs from that was the cafe itself. The interior of the cafe was a small affair with exposed brick walls and intimate tables surrounding a small performance stage.  No other word describes it but charming. 

Later, while returning to the hotel, I happened upon a mid-summer parade full of trolls, vikings and other assorted goblins, accompanied by Norwegian folk music.

When I let the city unfold at a leisurely place, I never know what will pop up.

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