Sunday, June 6, 2010

No Longer Romance?

You're listening to the radio in the morning while getting ready for work. The radio is on for background noise. Rarely do you pay attention to the particular news item being broadcast.

That's how it was yesterday. I was listening to the BBC World Service, and the interviewer was talking with an author of romance novels. I am not a fan of the romance genre, so I was paying less attention than usual. I didn't get the author's name or the name of her recent novel that won a prestiges award. All I remember was that the novel took place on the island of Mauritius involving three women.

What caught my attention was the author's reasoning for placing all her novels in the past. She felt that in today's society, it was too difficult to write about romance without sounding syrupy or over the top.
She has a point. In the past, people wrote love letters, read romantic poetry to each other, and courted. That stuff isn't done these days. In short, we aren't romantic anymore.

Sure, we live in an era where it's okay to discuss the most intimate sexual act with a close friend or even broadcast it on a TV chat show; but, we also live in a time where people are less inclined to discuss their emotional feelings, specifically feelings of love. We are sexually liberated; yet, we seem repressed in terms of romance and with the ability to discuss feelings of love. I am not sure I agree with the author, but it does cause one to pause. Did we trade romance for sexual liberation, or do we show romance in other ways?

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