Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Play, a Pie & a Pint, but Beware: Condiments Cost Extra

I haven't blogged for a few days. I've been traveling around Europe: London, Glasgow and now in Oslo.

Back in the 1980s, when I lived in
London, good food was hard to find and it generally meant Indian or Italian. English food was bland and was often over-cooked. Now, London has lots of good restaurants, including English Gastro Pubs: traditional English food with a twist.

As for Glasgow, I really enjoyed my visit. I saw a production of Tartuffe, the classic French farce by Molière as part of "a Play, a Pie, & a Pint." That is a 45 minute excerpt from a play plus a pint of beer and a meat pie. I was expecting mediocre, but the production was excellent, the beer was good, and the pie was okay.

I had previously seen Tartuffe in San Francisco but this
production was better. How does Britain produce so many good actors! The play had been translated into Scottish dialect with lots of slang. I think I might have found the original French easier to comprehend. Now I can say, I saw a Scottish-English version of a classic french play.

As for Olso, I told m
yself that I wasn't going to talk about prices on this visit, but I just can't help it. The cost of everything is simply astounding. You wonder how people can afford it. At least the subway is cheaper in Olso than in London ($4.50 versus $6.00). For comparison, a subway ride in Glasgow is about $1.50.

Last evening, we went to Peppes Pizza and ordered the hot chicken pizza. Three flame icons on the menu indicated that it was extra spicy, and the waitress suggested sour cream as a condiment to "cool" the pizza. Well, the pizza wasn't spicy, and the few tablespoons of sour cream that came with the order failed to improve the taste. I'm not even sure it was sour cream, though it was some sort of pale goo. In any event, Peppes charged about $4 for the "sour cream." I thought condiments were free.

Well, this is Norway and you pay for everything. A reason
able meal will set you back $50-$75 per person.
However, I will recommend Punjab Tandoori, at Gronland 24. It offers excellent, authentic Indian food at a reasonable price. The two of us had plenty of food for for 215 NOK ($40). That's a bargain for Norway. There I go again, talking about the prices.

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