Monday, June 7, 2010

Why No Bicycle Helmets

When I'm in Berlin, I rely mostly on my bicycle to get around town. Bicycling is easy and allows you to experience the city close up. Berlin is flat and has a dedicated bicycle lane system throughout the city. The public transit system (U/S Bahn) is also superb and gets you anywhere. For an additional fee, you can take your bicycle on the subway.

But why go by subway when you can bike: get exercise and save money. I can't explain it, when I'm riding my bicycle in Berlin, even in the most congested traffic, I have this sense of freedom and adventure. I don't get this feeling anywhere else but in Berlin.

For the most part, bicycling in Berlin is relatively safe. The pedestrians are mindful and the car drivers respectful. However, what I find amazing is the lack of bicycle helmets (der fahrradhelm). No one seems to wear this basic safety precaution. When I asked a friend to explain this phenomena. She simply stated that people are not reckless in Berlin. She admitted that it would be better to wear a helmet, but like tobacco smoking, it's off the radar of most people. I always say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

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My View From Maine said...

Good blog! I'd love to visit Berlin sometime soon.