Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dog Parking Platz

Hund Parkplatz
I love Ikea.  In fact, most of the Berlin apartment is furnished by Ikea.  From the sofa to the silverware, the Swedish stores' imprint is everywhere in the apartment.  Ikea's furniture is stylish, reasonable and well crafted.  I also enjoy the Ikea restaurant.  I sometimes go there just to eat.  Now, that's an Ikea fan.  The salmon fillet with potato cakes and vegetables is my favorite dish, and the desserts are good too.  And finally, for your shopping pleasure, there are 3 conveniently located Ikea's in the Berlin area.  (Wow, that sounds like an ad.) 

Ikea also pays attention to our four legged friends.  As you enter the store, there are dog resting spots.  Each "parking platz" is sheltered from the elements and includes a bowl of water.  There is a nearby exercise area for your friend as well.  The day I visited, this little guy was enjoying his little patch of green (albeit, Astro Turf) and watching the customers enter the store.  He was extremely well-behaved, but a bit bashful for the camera. 


My View From Maine said...

I love your sunday posts... makes me anticipate my next vacation. Thanks!

Fernando De Leon said...
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