Monday, December 13, 2010

The Land Down Under: Brisbane, Part 2

Baby Bat Rescue
Bat at Dusk
It's a bird. It's a plane. No it's a BAT! Yes, a colony of bats outside our hotel window in downtown Brisbane. At first, we thought they were birds roosting in the trees. Then we noticed they were landing in the trees upside down. When we went outside for a closer look we could see their furry heads and cute little legs. (Did you know that bats hang upside down because their legs can't support their weight.) These aren't the small bats (12" wingspan) that I am familiar with in California, but instead the Dracula kind of bats you see in the movies.

It turns out that these bats are the Grey-headed Flying Foxes common in eastern Australia. Because of the heavy rains in Queensland and New South Wales this spring and summer, more bats have migrated to the cities in search of food. There are an estimated 20,000 bats in the Brisbane Botanic Garden alone. Unfortunately, these bats are a threatened species and need our protection. 
Bearded Dragon Lizard

Bee Hive Ginger
Seeing giant bats in the middle of a big city made me realize I wasn't in the USA. I tried to take some photos and videos of these spectacular creatures, but it was very difficult. You can judge the success of my efforts yourself.

Banyan Tree
In addition to the bats, you can see plenty of other strange things on the streets of Brisbane, including bearded dragon lizards, exotic birds, plants, and insects.

Park Road in the Milton Neighborhood
of Brisbane

Interesting Side Notes:

I was reading in the newspaper that the Eiffel Tower was closed temporarily due to bad weather. But who needs the Paris Eiffel Tower when you can visit Brisbane's own Eiffel Tower. 
    Trash Can in the Bulimba Neighborhood
    of Brisbane

I get so tired of having to pick-up cigarette butts tossed on my front lawn. Here is what the City of Brisbane has done to solve this nuisance. See this, Portland!

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Hannah Western said...

Immer Fantastisch!!!!
Bearded Lizard = Frill Neck Lizard :)
Bats - SueƟ
Milton - Es ist in der Naehe von meiner Universitaet!! :) Da solltest du bestimmt besuchen!! :)

Brisbane! :)