Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Land Down Under: Final Thoughts

Port Douglas Beach
On my last day in Australia, I visited the Pyrmont neighborhood in West Sydney. I'm glad I did. When I was in Sydney three weeks ago, the neighborhoods that I visited (Newtown, Glebe, and Paddington) seemed cold and uninviting. In Paddington, the main street was a string of boutiques. There were few cafes, restaurants or other retail shops. Just high-end boutiques. In Newtown, the same story; but this time, just restaurants, one right after the other. Sydney neighborhood's appeared to be monoculture's. 

Pyrmont was different. A mixture of residential and commercial establishments. There were tree lined streets, restaurants, cafes and shops. Pyrmont wasn't even mentioned in the guidebook. Now, I have an entirely different impression of Sydney. The fish market located nearby was also a great find. Not like San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf but a real working harbor. Too bad I wasn't hungry. 

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