Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Land Down Under: Melbourne

Melbourne Federation Square
Melbourne Victoria Market
Melbourne Terrace Houses
Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance
Some casual observations:
  • I've noticed less smoking in Australia than in the USA or Europe.
  • I've heard a rumor that McDonald's provides free Wifi in Australia. 
  • Woolworth's is still an on-going business in Australia but it's a grocery store. 
  • One Australian dollar equals one US dollar. A few years back, it was two to one. That's why a cup of coffee or can of Coke is $3.50. Ouch!
  • I haven't seen many people walking their dogs. Is there a shortage of dogs in Australia? 
  • River Walk Along the Yarra River Melbourne
  • "Rake" is a very good TV show in Australia. It pushes the boundaries. I'm usually very critical of TV shows, especially ones about lawyers. The episode with Sam Neill and his dog was a bit disturbing, yet I had too laugh.
With regard to Melbourne: it's a livable city that is full of culture and entertainment. I've strolled along the Yarra River, shopped in the art deco Victoria Market, visited the National Gallery of Victoria, watched street performers in Federation Square and wandered in Melbourne's diverse neighborhoods. Sydney maybe scenic, beautiful and glitzy, but Melbourne is a city you want to live in! 

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