Saturday, March 19, 2011

Eisbär Knut ist Tot

News Flash: Berlin Mourns the Death of Knut

Berlin Zoo officials announced today that celebrity polar bear Knut has died. Knut, arguably the world's most famous polar bear, was found dead in his zoo enclosure late this afternoon. His death came as shock to zoo officials and Berliners alike. Knut was 4 years old.

News of his death spread rapidly. Television programing was interrupted, and news of his death became the number one item on the evening news, replacing the Japanese nuclear accident and the Libyan crisis.

Knut became world famous when his mother rejected him shortly after his birth in December 2006. He instantly became a symbol for Berlin and the perils of global warming. His fame made millions for the Berlin Zoo. There were Knut dolls, toys, and games. I even have a credit card with Knut's picture on it. But fame also had a price. Over the years, Knut was the subject of death threats from animal rights activists who argued that polar bears should not be held in captivity. Knut's death is under investigation.

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Daniel said...

I wonder what the German home remedy for a cold is?