Friday, April 1, 2011

Double Eye: Der Beste Kaffee in Berlin (Wirklich Gut Kaffee Ohne Kompromiss)

Once the province of big cities and university towns, coffee houses have become a ubiquitous part of the American landscape. In the age of Starbucks, you can find decent coffee almost anywhere in America. I've often heard from coffee connoisseurs that the best coffee can be found in the small independent cafes run by people who take coffee seriously. Places where the owner selects and roasts the bean. I have nothing against the mass produced coffee of Starbucks, but it's become so standardized that it's lost any uniqueness it may have had. On the other hand, Starbucks has made it possible for a wide range of people to experience espresso coffee drinks, not just the urban sophisticates. 

Ever since my favorite cafe closed (IL Barista), I've been trying to find a replacement. No easy task, even in this city with thousands of cafes. At the moment, the Double Eye is, by all accounts, the most popular place to get your daily fix of Java. And surprisingly, it lives up to its reputation for great coffee. 

The Double Eye succeeds despite many short comings. It's small, there's no indoor seating, no Wi-Fi, and expect to wait in a long line. However, the Double Eye roasts its own beans (a rarity these days), makes its drinks to the customer's specifications, has a reasonable amount of outdoor seating, and has a good selection of newspapers and magazines. Order a coffee and try the reasonably priced homemade desserts too. Located in Schöneberg, take the U-7 to the Eisenacher Straße station:

Akazienstraße 22
10823 Berlin, Germany
0179 4566960

U-7 Eisenacher Str. 

Ich finde, dass das Double Eye serviert den besten Kaffee der Stadt. Das Double Eye ist ein kleiner Laden, der nur Stehplätze bietet. Man kann sehen, dass das Double Eye eine Leidenschaft für Kaffee hat. Es selbstgeröstete seine eigenen Kaffeebohnen. Ein Traum! Der Kaffee ist gut, der Laden klein, d.h. Es ist zumeist brechen voll. Es bildet sich eine Schlange, aber haben Sie Geduld bitte. Sich vorher überlegen, was man haben will: Cappu (ja!), Espresso, Galo, Milchkaffee, oder das Double Eye Spezial, usw. Es ist einfach ein nettes Kiezcafe! Probieren Sie!

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