Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where is my Easter Island Man?

Easter Island Man

Why do people steal? The idea of taking another person's property seems inconceivable to me; yet, it happens. I've had more things stolen in Portland, Maine than in any other city that I've lived in. Recently, I had a piece of lawn sculpture taken from my side yard. It wasn't very expensive, but it's next to impossible to replace. It's what I called my “Easter Island Man.” I bought it years ago from a small nursery in Folsom, California. The other day, I noticed it was gone. (I found it somewhat ironic that it was stolen shortly before Easter.) 

Last year, during the Fall, I placed some pumpkins on the porch to celebrate the changing of the season. A few days later, they were gone. The year before that, someone broke into the car and took the GPS device. I've even had people take flowers from the garden. While hardly earth scattering, it does cause to me to wonder the kind of person who can rationalize stealing.

In Berlin, I frequently leave my bicycle unlocked. In fact, it's common in Germany, the Netherlands and Scandinavia to leave bicycles unlocked. And guess what? No one take them! 

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