Monday, May 9, 2011

Images of Spring

A native Mainer told me that there are two seasons in Maine: Winter and the Fourth of July. You might laugh, but there's some truth in what he says.

Last year was unusual. We had a mild winter, a beautiful spring, and a very HOT summer. This year, I thought the winter would never end, but spring has now arrived. The daytime temperatures are in the lower 60s and the nights in the upper 30s!!

I still need to wear a sweater, and there's a comforter on the bed, but, at least, I'm not constantly thinking about the COLD.

Like everyone else, I'm taking advantage of the long days and increasing warmth by taking walks. It's wonderful!

Groundhogs have started rummaging, flowers have begun to bloom, and the trees have started to show signs of life. I've even spotted some Cardinals. Here are some images from around the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, my yard is still dormant, but it gives me something to wait for.  

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