Sunday, June 12, 2011

Besuchen Sie das Literaturhaus und probieren Sie aromatischen Kaffee

Overlooked by visitors to Berlin, Literaturhaus is a beautiful villa devoted to literature. It also houses a cafe and the occasional art exhibition. There are regular readings open to the public (mostly in German) and it hosts a number or writers-in-residence.

I stumbled across Literaturhaus after friends suggested we meet there for coffee. It turns out, Literaturhaus was about 5 minutes from where I used to live. It was literally in my backyard, and I didn't know it existed.

I like Literaturhaus primarily for its wonderful cafe and garden. Literaturhaus defines elegance; and, its aim is to make literature a communal experience, not just a solitary activity. If you're looking for the hip crowd or where the latest trends are, then skip Literaturhaus. It's not the place for you. However, if old-world charm and understated sophistication are what you're after, then by all means, head to Literaturhaus. BTW: The coffee and desserts are FANTASTIC! 

Literaturhaus is located at Fasanenstraße 23 in Charlottenburg just off the Kurfürstendamm and next to the Kathe-Kollwitz Musuem, an entirely wonderful experience in its own right.   


Michael Montgomery said...

Kathe Kollwitz is a long-time favorite. (The Portland Museum of Art has many of her prints but unfortunately not on permanent display.) Perhaps one day you can show me the museum?

Fernando De Leon said...

Michael, you have an open invitation to visit me in Berlin. I think you will like the Museum. It's a small and intimate place. I find Kollwitz's work very moving.