Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Making Whoopie

Maine isn't just lobsters and picturesque lighthouses. It's also home of the Whoopie pie. A Whoopie pie is a sweet confection about the size of a hamburger, made with two bun sized devil's food cakes separated by a thick white filling. Whoopie pies are found everywhere. You can find Whoopie in grocery stores, convenience stores, bakeries, and even upscale restaurants.

Last March, the World's Largest Whoopie Pie was made in South Portland. It was 5 feet in diameter and weighed 1,062 pounds. That's some insulin rush!

Even the Maine Legislature got into the act. This April, Maine declared the Whoopie pie the official “state treat” and the Blueberry pie, the official “state dessert.” I find it amusing that the Legislature had the time to pass such important pieces legislation. I guess naming the official state treat and dessert ranks right up there with fixing the state's fiscal woes and dismal unemployment rate. So next time you hear a legislator say, "We can't address this particular issue right now because we're too busy working on the state's economy and finding more jobs for our citizens," just remember, the Legislature somehow found the time to name the official state treat and dessert. 

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