Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dog Theft is Big Business!

Houses Overlooking the Promenade
On Monday afternoon, as I was strolling along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade (Brooklyn Heights is where Patty Duke lived in her 1960s TV show), I noticed a poster offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the return of a stolen (kidnapped) dog. A thousand dollars seemed like a lot of money, even by New York standards. Moreover, I felt skeptical that a dog would be stolen. It seemed more likely that the dog had run away or simply got lost. I wondered who would steal a dog when there were so many unwanted dogs needing homes. Wouldn't it be easier to adopt?

Well, it turns out, I was wrong. Yesterday morning on the front page of USA Today was an article entitled, “Kidnapping Dogs for Money Rises 49% this Year.” According to the article, the worsening economy has resulted in a sharp increase in dog theft. Dogs have been taken from homes, pet stores, shelters, cars, parks, and city streets. All types of dogs are stolen, but small breeds such as Yorkies and Pomeranians are abducted more often than others. Dog theft has become very lucrative. Thieves resell pets, return them to their owners for a reward or simply keep the dogs for themselves. 

A View from the Promenade
BTW:  The Brooklyn Heights Promenade offers some great views of the Manhattan skyline. I guess Patty didn't have it so bad after all, especially for someone who could "only see the sights a girl can see from Brooklyn Heights."  

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