Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sabrosa Comida Mexicana! Good Mexican Food in Portland Maine

At last, a place to find good Mexican food in Portland. Taco Trio is located in South Portland just across the Casco Bay Bridge. I found it purely by accident. (In my opinion, there's no such thing as an accident, and Taco Trio is the proof.)

Taco Trio reminds me of a typical San Francisco Mission taqueria: it's lively without being loud or ostentatious. The staff are friendly and the service is fast. And unlike the inferior El Rayo Taqueria located in Portland proper, Taco Trio has food that's both savory and spicy. I particularly enjoyed the pollo asado burrito and the fish taco. They also have a large selection of salsa that includes everything from mild to very very hot.

They seem to be very accommodating as well. I overheard a customer ask for a chicken mole burrito (chicken mole taco was the special) even though it wasn't on the menu. And they made it for him without a fuss! Now that's something, especially for a Maine restaurant.

As Mexican restaurants go, I would give Taco Trio a B+; but this being Portland, it ranks an A. Taco Trio is open for lunch Monday – Saturday (11am – 3pm) and for dinner
Wednesday – Saturday (5pm – 9pm). 


My View From Maine said...

Good Mexican food in Portland, Yea! I need more specific directions.

Fernando De Leon said...

Trio Taco is located at 119 Ocean Street (at E Street, South Portland. It's down the street from Uncle Andy's.