Thursday, September 15, 2011

Berlin Elections: Beef Cake to Boring

The Left Party wins the "Beef Cake"
Award for its Poster of Candidate Valgolio
I'm back in Berlin and just in time for the Berlin state elections. The elections will be held this Sunday. Berlin's current mayor, Klaus Wowereit, is likely to be re-elected despite a Berlin unemployment rate twice the German national average, a terrible educational system, an unreliable public transportation system (Berliners should live in the USA if they think their public transit is unreliable), cars being set on fire on city street, rising housing costs, and over 600 Billion Euro of debt.

The Animal Welfare Party wins the
"Pull Your Heart Strings" Award for its
Poster Entitled:  Your Voice for
People and Animals 
What I find interesting is the number of political parties seeking a place in the Berlin House of Deputies. In addition to the established parties: Social Democrats (left of center), Conservatives (right of center), Greens (environmental), Free Democrats (pro business), and the Left (extreme left), there are a number of smaller parties seeking a place in the government, including the Pirate Party (advocates free and unfiltered access to the Internet), the Animal Welfare Party (seeks the elimination of animal experimentation, wants the government to encourage a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, and advocates for the end of fur production and industrial animal husbandry), and the NDP (often described as the Neo-Nazi Party).

The Big Party wins the "Politically Correct"
 Award for its Poster Entitled: Courage To Diversity
The Pirate Party wins the "Truth in Advertising"
Award for its Poster Entitled:
Trust No Poster-Inform Yourself!
The Social Democrats win the "Most Boring"
Award for its Poster of Mayor Wowereit Entitled:
Whoever Wants Wowereit must vote SPD
I've included some political posters worthy of mention. 

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