Sunday, January 8, 2012

Welcome 2012

Welcome to 2012!  I'm back after a month off.  I begin this year with a very sad report on the current state of politics. 

Last night, I decided to watch the Republican Presidential debates. Big Mistake! It's depressing to think that the party of Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt has become a prisoner of the extreme religious right. The GOP has a long history of advocating for progressive issues including the abolition of slavery, women's suffrage, and trust-busting. But alas, the GOP has become a party pandering to bigots, religious zealots, and xenophobes. Viewing last night's debate was like watching a race to see which candidate could be more pious and bigoted than his rivals. 

I found Senator Romney to be the most loathsome of the bunch. That's saying a lot since the other candidates include the vile Santorum, the hypocrite Gingrich, the clueless Perry, the zany Paul, and the lackluster Huntsman. (On the other hand, Mr. Huntsman seems to be an honest and reasonable man, with some measure of integrity, an oddity in today's Republican Party.)

Mr. Romney should know better. Yet, he panders to bigotry and homophobia. He is the very definition of a manufactured candidate, groomed by market research and polished by political action committees. Mr. Romney has flip-flopped on every major issue, including abortion, health insurance, the environment, and gay rights. He's been campaigning non-stop since he lost the Republican nomination in 2008. I only hope that America wakes up and sees Mr. Romney for what he is: a spineless and disingenuous creature that will do anything to become President. 

I hope my future posts are more positive!

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