Saturday, April 14, 2012

Germans Go Whole Hog

Want to meet your meat? This German farm lets people select a live pig online, which is then butchered and delivered to them in a package with the photo of the pig on the label. At first blush, this marketing scheme sounds gross. Yet, it has a logic to it. 

I don't eat pork; and, in general, I try to cut back on animal products altogether. Nevertheless, I recognize that many people do enjoy pork; and for them, this method of raising and selling pork is humane and healthier than the industrial pig farms. Pigs on this German farm are able to live a relatively natural life where they roam outside and eat fresh and unadulterated food. 

It also makes people face the consequences of eating meat, and perhaps, even question their decision to eat these lovable and intelligent animals in the first place. 

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