Saturday, May 12, 2012

Alle Lieben den Kleinen Elefanten / Everybody Loves the Little Elephant (But There's A Shocking Reality)

Berlin's Newest Citizen
On Thursday, the Berlin Animal Park introduced its latest addition, a two day old baby elephant. It's as cute as a button. Unlike American zoos, which believe in birth control or sexual abstinence for their animal populations, European zoos have haphazard policies regarding breeding and population control.

European zoos believe that animals should be free to do what comes naturally. The result is a surplus of offspring. And if zookeepers can't find a home for the babies, zoos typically kill them. (Zookeepers argue that most animals born in the wild would die anyway.) Moreover, European zoos have learned that baby animals are big draws (i.e. Knut). Thus, there's a financial incentive to have zoo populations breed like crazy. What happens to these unfortunate animals once they become mature is another story. That's the shocking reality. 

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