Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Changing Face of Berlin

Café Moskau on Karl-Marx-Allee:
Built in 1959, this building is a wonderful
example of what socialistic architecture could achieve

It seems like yesterday that the East German Wall came tumbling down, but it has been nearly 23 years since the fall of communism. Nowhere has German integration and capitalism been more apparent than in East Berlin. Each time I return, there is less and less of the old East. Little by little, the symbols, architecture, and infrastructure is replaced.

When I first saw Karl-Marx-Allee (the boulevard that showcased East Germany's military might during the annual May Day Parade) in the early 90s, it was like a ghost town: the store fronts empty, the streets lifeless, and the infrastructure decaying. Today, there are scores of new shops, restaurants, and cafés. On a warm day, there are hundreds of people bustling along the pavement. Here are a few images of what remains of the old. 

An colorful mural on a building near
Alexanderplatz. It depicts workers
united in a common cause: the
pursuit of human excellence. 

This is where the Lenin Monument used to be. 
It's now used by kids to play. 

The Warschauer Str. S-Bahn being
updated. At last there will be an elevator!

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