Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Express Your Love the Padlock Way

"Love Padlocks" decorating the Oberbaumbrücke
in Friedrichshain
Want to express your love? For some years now, couples in Berlin have been placing padlocks on bridge parapets as a way of expressing their eternal love. These "love padlocks" are usually decorated with engraved names, a date, and some symbol of love, such as heart or intertwined wedding rings. Once the lock is fixed to the bridge, the couples then throw the keys into the river Spree.

In Berlin you can see these tokens of love at the Modersohnbrücke or Oberbaumbrücke in Friedrichshain, the Getraudenbrücke in Mitte, or the Admiralbrücke in Kreuzberg. The city of Berlin has had dozens of these padlocks removed over concerns of bridge statics, but that hasn't stopped some romantics from still expressing their love the padlock way.

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