Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The "Panorama" at the Pergamon Museum is Disappointing

Pergamon Temple Alter
The Pergamon Museum is one of the world's major archaeological museums, and when visiting Berlin, it shouldn't be missed. It houses the Pergamon Alter, the two-story Roman Market Gate, the extraordinary blue and ocher tiled Gate of Ishtar, and the Babylonian Processional Street dating from the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar. 

Babylonian Processional Street
Now, through the end of September 2012, the Pergamon is hosting the Panorama Exhibition. The Panorama Exhibition is a 360 degree view of the city of Pergamon in the year 129 AD. Through the use of a sophisticated lighting installation, you see and hear the ancient city by day and by night. After climbing 25 meters (82 feet), you observe the city from above. (Warning: there's no elevator, so be prepared to use the stairs. This isn't the USA. No Americans with Disability Act here.)

I had heard great things about the Panorama, but in all truth, I was disappointed. I didn't find the visuals interesting and the sound effects added nothing to this rather boring attempt to represent antiquity. In short, visit the Pergamon, but save your money and skip the Panorama! 

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