Monday, May 21, 2012

Where Does the German Chancellor Live?

Angie's House in Berlin.
Notice the Tired Tourists
Resting on the Steps?
In the United States, the Head of State lives at the White House, in the United Kingdom at Number 10 Downing Street, and in France at the Élysée Palace. But where does the German Chancellor reside?  Easy answer. He or she lives at his or her own house. 

In the case of the current German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, she lives at the same apartment she has occupied for many years (Kurpfergraben 6, 10117, Berlin Deutschland). The apartment sits directly across the street from the Pergamon Museum in Mitte. There are no blocked streets, no police vans, and no retinue of armed guards. There are just two policemen watching over the entire apartment building. That's it. It's really quite amazing that the German Chancellor has relatively little protection at her residence, especially given the thousands of people who pass her apartment everyday on the way to Museum Island.

Blocked Streets, Police Vans, and Intense Security
at the British Embassy in Berlin.

What a Contrast to Ms. Merkel's House.
When the Obama's moved into the White House they got servants, cooks, chauffeurs, and Secret Service protection. When a member of the First Family travels, the streets are cleared, security inspections conducted, and guards posted everywhere. What does Chancellor Merkel get? Two policemen.

BTW: When you look at the name plate posted on her mailbox, it merely states, "Prof. Sauer." That's Ms. Merkel's husband, a Chemistry professor at the nearby Humboldt University.  

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