Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Germany's Window Box Culture

My Very Own Gartenzwerg,
Including Plants
One of the first things I noticed in Berlin were the balconies filled with window boxes, containers, and hanging baskets. Most people in Berlin do not live in houses but in apartments; so it's easy to understand this love of the window box and balcony garden. People want nature, even if it's on a balcony in the middle of a large city.

You find these small gardens hundreds of feet in the air on large apartment blocks, on upscale apartments, and even on places of business. The abundance of flower shops with inexpensive potted plants makes it easy to add color and fragrance to your home. During the summer months, you see people eating, drinking, or just sitting in their small landscaped oases above the rumble and drone of the city.  

Simple but Stylish
This crowed balcony is above Hexe, a Raucous Bar

A Bit of the Mediterranean

There's Not Much More Room Here

Very German:  Planned and Coordinated

My Own Garden Oasis
Even in Kreuzberg!

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