Friday, June 1, 2012

There is a lot of Wickedness in the World

There is a great deal of wickedness in village life. I hope you dear young people will never realize how very wicked the world is.
Miss Jane Marple from "The Thumb Mark of St. Peter," a short story published in The Thirteen Problems (1963) 

Peter R. 
On Thursday, an Appeals Court in Potsdam found that Peter R. had with malice intent killed both his daughters in a grizzly murder. The double murders shocked even blasé Berlin, and caused some debate regarding Germany's lenient criminal sentencing laws. 

Last August, Peter R. gave his daughters Line Sofie (9) and Marlene Marie (10) sleeping pills. He then strapped the two of them into the back seat of his car and doused the car with two canisters of gasoline before igniting it. His motive was never clear, but a recent dispute with his ex-wife, regarding custody, no doubt played a part in the gruesome event.  
The Victims

For most of the 12 day trial, the 41-year old Dane sat stoically chewing gum: never remorseful, never penitent. Even as the verdict was read, he showed little reaction. His fate, "life imprisonment," which in Germany means a maximum of 15 years. For many, the 15-year sentence seemed incommensurate with the crime. It begs the question: has justice been served. 

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