Friday, June 15, 2012

Travel Business (or First): It's Worth It

In addition to the wider seats, the extra leg room, the better food and service, one of the biggest advantages in traveling business or first class is not having to worry about work, the house, or the family. You're 30,000 feet in the air, away from everything! For a few hours, you're free from the mundane. If you want coffee, a snack, or just an extra pillow, just ask, and it's yours. For me the comfort and ease of traveling business (or first) class is worth the extra dollars. 

Perhaps, my attitude about traveling business class is best reflected in the wonderfully humorous novel and film, Travels With My AuntIn the book, Aunt Augusta proclaims to her earnest and proper nephew, "[t]he difference between first and tourist class is wiped out by the champagne and caviar." (Perhaps, a bit of an overstatement these days. And do the airlines still serve caviar in first class?) As Aunt Augusta reflects on her rather extraordinary and unorthodox life, she wisely notes that "sometimes the journey is more enjoyable than the destination." I have to agree. Some of my most memorable experiences have occurred while on the journey. 

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