Saturday, June 23, 2012

USA Steals the Show with Embassy Float

Superboy and Supergirl?
For the first time ever, three embassies (the Netherlands, the UK, and the USA) participated in this year's Christopher Street Day (Gay Pride) parade.

I didn't expect much from the embassy sponsored floats. This is the government after all, and governments pride themselves in selecting the banal and lackluster. They avoid anything controversial or interesting 
Dull but Generous Brit Float

The British float lived up to expectations. Its float consisted of a picture of computer scientist Alan Turing and embassy employees waiving the Union Jack. Humdrum yes, but the British do win the award for most generous. As their float weaved its way along the parade route, embassy employees provided spectators with fruit smoothies. On the other hand, I was unable to find the float from the Netherlands. Perhaps, it was still in Amsterdam. It wins the MIA award.
US Embassy Float

Embassy Employees?
The USA float was small, but what it lacked in size, it made up for in color, eroticism, and enthusiasm. The crowd cheered, whistled, and applauded. (Germans applauding an American float? That's something!) Surprisingly, this float managed to get approved by the US Ambassador and US Secretary of State Clinton. Rather than comment, I will let you draw your own conclusions. I've also included some other pictures.

Cruella Deville (front)

Cruella Deville (back)

Russian Bublishiki
Gay Rugby
Two Very Cute Woman

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