Saturday, June 16, 2012

Was Bedeutet Schicki-Micki? What does "Schicki-Micki" Mean?

Yesterday, I came across a story on TV about the new Guggenheim Lab. This Guggenheim installation in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg will conduct workshops, hold lectures, and facilitate conferences on issues ranging from art, technology, science, architecture, and the environment. Originally, the Guggenheim Lab was to be located in Berlin-Kreuzberg, but protests over the Lab's sponsor, BMW, required that it be moved to another location.

At yesterday's opening, protesters were again present. One protester stated, "Wir wollen keine Schicki-Micki hier!"(We don't want any Schicki-Micki here!) I had never heard the term "Schicki-Micki." I liked the sound of it, but what did it mean? (Das Wort klingt gut, aber was bedeutet das?) After a little research, I discovered that Schicki-Micki means something superficial, very chic, pretentious.

The origin of the word is unclear; however, I surmise that Schicki is derived from the word chic and Micki from Mickey Mouse meaning simple, stupid, or substandard. It's interesting how this Disney character's name has developed a negative and derogatory connotation.

On the Internet, there is some speculation that the term "Mickey Mouse" relates to the poor quality of Mickey Mouse watches. As a college student, I remember hearing "Mickey Mouse" or "Mick" course used to describe an easy class. Today, it's not uncommon to hear people say, "That's a Mickey Mouse job," meaning substandard. 

Ich kann nur sagen, dass Sie keine Schicki-Micki in diesem Blog hier finden werden!

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