Friday, July 20, 2012

Die Gurken LEIDEN

A Huge Puddle Near the Brandenburger Tor
This has been an odd summer. In Portland, the heat wave has finally ended (Hallelujah), but in most of the USA, the hot weather continues. For example, the ongoing drought has river levels along the Mississippi River plunging to record lows and impacting barge traffic. And in certain areas of the western USA, wild fires continue out of control causing millions of dollars in damage. 

Beach Bar is Washed Out
Conversely, in Berlin and most of northern Germany, the cool and wet summer continues unabated. This has been one of the wettest July's on record. All this rain has impacted the Berlin tourist economy, including river cruises, outdoor entertainment and dining, and the popular beach-bars along the Spree River.

To add insult to injury, the latest victim of the Berlin Floods of 2012 is the world renowned Spreegurken. Experts agree that this years crop will yield 50-75 percent less Gurken than last year. Schade!

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