Monday, July 9, 2012

Inside Gramercy Park

Statute of Edwin Booth
(brother of John Wilkes Booth)
At last, inside the park! Gramercy Park is one of only two privately held parks in New York City (Sunnyside Gardens in Queens is the other). Only people residing around the park and who pay an annual fee have access. (BTW: Gramercy Park is open to the public on Christmas Eve.)

I was able to tour the park as a guest of the Gramercy Park Hotel. (Even by NYC standards, this hotel is overpriced. The rooms are nice and not cramped, but there's no complimentary newspaper, coffee, or WiFi access. The only reason to stay here is access to Gramercy Park.)

An  Unfortunate 1980s Addition

I wasn't disappointed. Inside the 2 acre park, the noise of the big city was noticeably softer, the temperature a few degrees cooler (on the day I visited, NYC was 97!), and the throngs of people absent. In fact, the lack of people using the park, and the scores of people peering through the fence was a bit weird. Now, I know how the rich and famous feel when they are gawked at. 

The lack of People Inside the Park

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