Saturday, July 21, 2012

Naked Spanish Firefighters

Firefighters protest
against budget cuts.
Their banner reads,
"With so many funding cuts,
we are left naked."
(Courtesy of Der Tagesspiegel)
Spain is in trouble. Five years after the global financial crisis began, unemployment in Spain is at 25 percent and rising, housing prices continue to drop, bank credit to the private sector is falling, and loans going into default continue to rise. On top of that, Spain's economy is in recession.

The government is implementing austerity measures to avert economic meltdown, but nothing seems to work. Spain's citizens are naturally nervous and increasingly afraid. People have staged one-day work stoppages to protest against layoffs, and demonstrated against cuts to social programs, retirement benefits, and health care coverage.  

Unable to find employment at home, thousands of young people are leaving Spain for the booming economy of Germany. The number of Spaniards in Berlin is astounding, just listen to the sounds of Spanish on street these days. 

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