Thursday, August 16, 2012

Injured and Abandoned: Missy is Rescued

Missy, an injured dog that was left to die on a mountain, was rescued on Monday by a group of volunteers who braved dangerous conditions and snow. The group had heard of Missy's plight and organized a rescue party.

Missy's owner, Anthony Ortolani, said he was forced to leave Missy on the mountain when her feet became injured and she could no longer walk. Mr. Ortolani admitted that he made little effort to retrieve his dog, who he assumed was dead.

Nevertheless, Missy miraculously survived after going without food or water for eight days. She is now safe. Unbelievably, Mr. Ortolani is now seeking custody of Missy. Can you believe it! Missy's fate will now be determined at a custody hearing conducted by the Clear Creek County Animal Control in Colorado. 

In contrast to Mr. Ortolani's actions, watch this video of a dog rescuing another dog in the middle of heavy traffic. This selfless dog risked his own life to save that of another dog.

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