Friday, August 3, 2012

What's Wrong with Netflix?

Is it just my perception, or has Netflix deteriorated? It seems like things started to go down hill last year after the Netflix debacle. As you remember, Netflix raised prices and attempted to split off its profitable streaming service from its not-so profitable DVD service. Or perhaps, that's when I first noticed the lower standard of quality at Netflix.

For example, I find it's taking more and more time to get movies. I have nine movies at the top of my movie queue that are listed as "very long wait." Some movies have been at the top of the queue for 7 months. In desperation, I tried the public library, and guess what? I was able to get a number of movies from the public library that were listed as "very long wait" on Netflix. Even more amazing, yesterday, when I logged on to the Netflix site, I somehow got the Netflix page of another user. It had his movie list and personal information! 

The lauded Netflix streaming service is also not shaping up as a suitable replacement for the DVD service. Without any warning, movies are suddenly withdrawn from streaming and become unavailable on streaming and DVD. I understand that Netflix is not entirely to blame. The licensing companies, who control the rights to use the video product, are asking for more and more money, even in cases where the movie is 70 years old. (Thanks, Congress for extending the Copyright law.) In any case, it's frustrating. 

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