Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Last Word on Romney

I wonder how the election of 2012 would have played out if Mr. Romney had campaigned on his real beliefs rather than the extreme Republican Party positions he spouted during the election (anti-immigrant, anti-choice, anti-healthcare reform, anti-marriage equality).

Of course, no one really knows what Mr. Romney's stood for. His positions changed routinely. For example, as Governor, he enacted a health care plan extremely similar to ObamaCare, a plan he later denounced. As the founder of Bain Capital, Mr. Romney placed profits over the welfare of his employees. As a family man, he jokingly discussed his dog being tied to the hood of the car during a vacation. And finally, as a candidate, he disparaged 47 percent of Americans as on the dole

One assumes Mr. Romney is a principled man; yet, in his quest for the White House, Mr. Romney let ambition rather than his true beliefs guide him. 

President Obama is not blameless. As a State Senator, Mr. Obama endorsed same sex marriage. However, as a Presidential candidate in 2008 and as the President, his position changed or "evolved," as he put it. He did what was politically advantageous. Later, when public opinion polls showed a majority of Americans approving gay marriage, President Obama heartily endorsed the idea. Instead of being an advocate for change, President Obama lead from behind. 

Politics is a dirty business, and it's the rare politician that places core values above politically expediency. I can think of only a handful: George Washington, Harry Truman, Barry Goldwater, Nelson Mandela, and Jimmy Carter.

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