Sunday, December 2, 2012

Aunt Benny: Canadian Cafe in Berlin

For Canadians seeking comfort away from home, there's Aunt Benny, a small cafe in Friedrichshain featuring Canadian food. (Canadians have their own cuisine too. Who knew.)

Run by two Canadian siblings, Aunt Benny is a bright and stylish place offering brownies, cheesecake, apple crisp (not apple pie, but close enough), grilled pannis, bagels, and the usual coffees, teas, and juices. There's free Wi-Fi, plenty of reading material, and great music. The friendly atmosphere and good service is right on.

Aunt Benny is located at Oderstraße 7, Enter Jessnerstraße, Berlin 10247 (U/S-Bahn Frankfurter Alle) 
Tue.-Fr. 9am - 7pm,
Sat.-Sun. 10am - 7 pm. 

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