Thursday, December 6, 2012

Berlin's Classic Coffee House / Ein Traditionelles Kaffeehaus in Berlin

Bis jetzt gab es kein Kaffeehaus - wie Erich Kästner oder Kurt Tucholsky gefallen hätte. Jetzt Berlin hat Kaffeehaus Grosz!

Experience a coffeehouse/restaurant from the roaring twenties (Die Goldenen Zwanziger) at Kaffeehaus Grosz, Kurfürstendamm 192/194. Named after George Grosz, the artist known for his caricature drawings of Berlin life in the 1920's, Kaffeehaus Grosz has just opened after extensive renovations. (A drunken Grosz died nearby after falling down a flight of stairs in 1959.)

Sonnenfinsternis (1926)
(The Eclipse of the Sun),
George Grosz
Heckscher Museum, New York
This place has atmosphere: marble floors, art-nouveau columns, high ceilings, dark wood bar, and waiters and waitresses dressed in traditional black and white attire. Fresh croissant are baked by French bakers twice a day, and if you're in a drinking mood, order the "Earl of Cumberland" (gin with Earl Grey tea). Kaffeehaus Grosz is a place to experience the ambiance rather than the coffee or food.

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