Saturday, December 29, 2012

Berlin's Lucky Pigs for 2013

These two Schwäbisch Hällischen piglets are
Berlin's Lucky Pigs for 2013
Each year, Berlin's Animal Park (Tierpark Berlin) selects Berlin's lucky pigs for the coming year. (Does that mean they will be spared from the dinner plate?) Traditionally, pigs were viewed as good luck, especially at the New Year.

Pig charms are very popular in Germany and Austria, including gold and silver bracelets, Christmas ornaments, candies, toys, and post-cards. This notion of the lucky pig arose from the realities of the 18th century: pigs were a source of food and income. A farming family that kept pigs would never go hungry. There's something perverse in this logic since the pig was not lucky and would eventually be consumed. 
New Year's Postcard
from the Early 20th Century

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