Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Visiting the Heartland of America

Plains Kansas Library
Visiting the US Great Plains is like traveling to a foreign country: the food is hearty, the people friendly, and the folksy American accent is prominent (and to me, I must confess, a bit irritating). The flat and almost desolate landscape gives way to a farm here and there. The long stretches of highway crossing the prairie can be monotonous; yet, I find them soothing, almost calming.

End Table Made With Encyclopedia Books
at the Plains, Kansas Library
I'm in Plains, Kansas for the holidays, and it's a world away from the excitement of Berlin. WiFi is difficult to find, but fortunately, the modern and stylish Plains Public Library has an excellent WiFi connection. For a town with only 1,100 inhabitants, the Plains Library is excellent. Take a look at the end table, made of encyclopedias, in the library foyer. Wow!

BTW: Mama Fina's, the Mexican restaurant in town, has the best pancakes I have ever had. Who would have thought!
Lake Meade

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