Saturday, June 8, 2013

100 Beste Plakate aus Deutschland, Österreich, und der Schweiz 2013

Cafe und Bar Fuchsbau
(The Fox Building Cafe and Bar)
Sebastian Dittman
Der Pirat und der Apotheker
(The Pirate and the Pharmacist)
Henning Wagner
Now through June 23, 2013, the 100 Best Posters (100 Beste Plakate) of 2013 from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are on view at the Kulturforum in Berlin. Admission is free. Here are a few noteworthy examples:

My favorite poster was an advertisement for Fuchsbau, a cafe and bar in Kreuzberg. The poster's childlike portrayal of various animals enjoying a night on the town conveys merriment and fun. It appeals to our sentimental notions of childhood. 

I also enjoyed Henning Wagner's poster for the German translation of Robert Louis Stevenson's, Der Pirat und der Apotheker (literally "the Pirate and the Pharmacist"). Its comic book style and lively color palette caught my eye even though I am unfamiliar with this particular Stevenson's work. 

 Voll Banane (Full Banana)
Amnesty International, Berlin
Fons Hickmann, Raul Kokott, und Björn Wolk
Amnesty International's Voll Banane is simple, yet straightforward in its message of protecting human rights. Finally, from the University of Art at Zürich comes a clever and whimsical series of posters advertising films about crime.   

Verbrechen Lohnt Sich: Der Kimininal Film
(Crime Worth It: the Criminal Film)
Züricher Hochschule der Künst/
Museum für Gestallung Zürick

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