Friday, October 11, 2013

Lighting Design: The Key to Good Moving Making

I'm always amazed how different an actor looks in person as compared to his or her on-screen persona. In film, make-up and lighting can transform a frog into a prince and make an old geezer young. I once saw a famous TV actor (his name shall remain my secret) at the gym and nearly didn't recognize him. He looked decades older, had deep set wrinkles, a bad complexion, and was nearly bald. Yet, on TV, he was rather handsome.

We don't think much about lighting when watching a TV show or movie, but it's key to good film making, and it's essential to the success of an actor or actress.  

Imero Fiorentino, a master lighting designer, died recently. Here's an interview from 2006 where he discusses the field of lighting design and its impact on film. It's worth watching. 

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