Thursday, February 27, 2014

A forgotten Hitchcock Masterpiece: Sabotage

(Spoiler Alert: This video contains information about Sabotage.
Don't watch until you've seen the movie. Sabotage is available on Youtube for free.)

Sabotage (1936) is an early Alfred Hitchcock movie that's unfortunately often overlooked. I recently saw it and was completely surprised by its technical innovation and editing techniques. You can see why Hitchcock is considered the master of suspense and plotting. Sabotage has all the Hitchcock trademarks, including quick edits, cleverly placed humor, and a surprise ending. Like Shadow of a Doubt (my favorite Hitchcock film), Sabotage thrills and makes you laugh. It's a masterpiece!

As an aside, Sabotage is also the only Hitchcock film where he worked with Walt Disney. The cast includes the wonderful Sylvia Sydney, Oscar Homolka, and John Loder.

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