Monday, April 7, 2014

How Many Trees Are There in Berlin? (Wie Viele Bäume Gibt es in Berlin?)

Berlin's Grunewald Forest
Every Sunday, the Abendschau, Berlin's evening news show, tries to answer a question posed by a viewer. This Sunday's question (Die Sonntagsfrage): How many trees are there in Berlin? (Wie viele Bäume gibt es in Berlin?). Surprisingly, no none seemed to know the answer. Odd, since Germans keep statistics on everything!

Officially, there are approximately 439,000 street trees in Berlin, but that figure doesn't count trees found in private gardens and in Berlin's forests, which experts estimate at 20 million. Many people don't realize that Berlin has lakes, large green spaces, and forests. Most of Berlin's trees were destroyed or used as fuel at the end of WWII, and 69 years later, the city is again verdant.

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