Monday, April 28, 2014

Kermit The Frog Visits Berlin

Kermit, the frog, was in town the other day to promote his new film, Muppets Most Wanted (Die Muppets 2). In an exclusive interview with the Berliner Zeitung, Kermit discussed everything from long-term relationships to eating meat. (He only eats the occasional fly, and only free-range. In fact, he considers himself a vegetarian).

An avid swimmer, Kermit spent his first morning, in the German capital, taking a dip at a local park pond, where he had the opportunity to speak in Amphibian (the international frog language) with a few of the other frogs. "Most people in the States don't realize that English is my second language. As a tadpole and young frog, we spoke Amphibian in the house. Of course, TV and Radio were in English, but Amphibian was what we used on a daily basis. It's still the language I feel most comfortable with."

Kermit also discussed his well-publicized relationship with Miss Piggy, his long-time partner and frequent co-star. (Marriage plans are not in the future.) According to Kermit, "relationships are always difficult, but add Hollywood, ego, and the pressures of stardom, and it's amazing we're still together."

And, at 59, Kermit still does his own stunts for film and television ("unlike Tom Cruise," which Kermit proudly emphasizes). In his new film, Kermit and co-star Tina Fey have a semi-nude scene (not really unusual since Kermit rarely dons clothes). On the subject of Ms. Fey: Kermit found her charming, professional, sexy, and not a Hollywood Prima Donna. Muppets Most Wanted (Die Muppets 2) opens this Thursday in Berlin.

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