Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Large Chocolate Easter Bunny

Easter always brings back fond memories. Easter wasn't a particularly religious holiday in our household, but we always had a special Easter dinner, which included ham or lamb. There was the occasional Easter egg hunt in the morning, perhaps a visit to Disneyland in the afternoon (this was southern California after all), and a viewing of The Robe on TV at night.

But my fondest memory was getting a chocolate Easter Bunny. Each year, the Bunny would get progressively larger; and each year, I waited with bated anticipation to see how big the creature would be. This annual practice ended when I was about 12 or 13. I was, of course, a teenager by then and much too sophisticated for such things.

Then, in my mid-twenties, right out of the blue, my mother sent me a huge chocolate Easter Bunny (2.5' tall). My mother had seen the Bunny in the shop window and couldn't resist. I don't recall how the Bunny tasted, but the memory of that gift still warms my heart all these years later. 

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