Sunday, April 6, 2014

Flower Culture Berlin

It's common for many German households to have freshly cut flowers decorating a room or two. And in Berlin, there's seems to be a flower shop on almost every street. Perhaps it's the gray and drizzly weather that makes people want to add color to the environment. In any case, Berliners love cut flowers, and lots of flower shops means lots of competition. I recently bought a bouquet of 10 tulips for €3 ($4 USD). That's not a bad deal for a week of color. 

Wedding-Cake Style Architecture
My favorite flower shop is Le Flower on Karl-Marx-Allee 136. It recently moved from its Warschauer Straße location; and like everything else in my neighborhood, higher rents forced Le Flower to move. Personally, I like the new location. It's brighter, bigger, and located in one of the wedding-cake style buildings that line Karl-Marx-Allee. 

As a child, my mother would never buy flowers for the house. She would say, "it's just a waste of money. The flowers are going to die in a few days." She was right, of course; but then again, nothing lasts forever and a few days of cheer is worth the price of a few dollars. 

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