Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Who Spends the Most in Berlin?

Relative to other European cities, Berlin is a bargain. I often complain about the rising prices, but I shouldn't fret, especially when a cup of coffee can easily cost $6 in London, Paris, Milan, or even Munich. Low prices have made Berlin a budget travel destination with most people coming from other parts of Germany, England and Italy. But this may be changing as more and more overseas tourists are coming to Berlin seeking a luxury vacation.

Who are these big spenders? According to the Berlin Tourist Bureau, the Chinese are the most generous. On average, they spend 594€ per day ($820 USD)! They are followed by the Ukrainians (430€), Russians (366€), US-Americans (338€), Arabs (331€), Swiss (253€), and Brazilians (241€). And while these figures may sound high, bear in mind that the average hotel rate in Moscow is $407 USD (295€).

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