Wednesday, May 14, 2014

World Cup Mania is Coming to Berlin

World Cup 2014 starts in less than a month (June 12 - July 13), which means Football (Soccer) pandemonium in Berlin and the rest of the world (the USA excluded). Bars, cafes, and restaurants will have big screen TVs set-up for their customers to enjoy this amazing spectacle. In addition, the fan mile in Berlin's Tiergarten Park will have a huge public viewing screen for thousands to watch the matches outdoors. 

Should Germany win a match, Berliners will be celebrating in the streets. (If they lose, they'll be demonstrating.) As a preview of what's to come, I was awakened last Sunday morning (7 AM) by a large crowd of drunken football enthusiasts marching outside my apartment. Football season ended on Saturday and these guys were voicing their frustration at Berlin's disappointing season. If the last World Cup is any indication, this kind of behavior is mild compared to what will happen during the World Cup tournament itself.

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