Sunday, June 29, 2014

Brasilien-Chile: Was Für Ein Dramatisches Final!

Watching last night's World Cup epic playoff between Brazil and Chile, I could see why Football (Soccer) is the world's most popular sport. After 90 minutes of regulation play and 30 minutes of overtime, the teams were still tied at 1-1. Chile gave its all, but at 2-2 in the penalty shootout and with one player left on each team, it was Brazil's Neymer that made the winning goal. Host nation Brazil moves on to the quarter-finals. 

Suarez Baring his Fangs
As an aside, in another playoff, Uruguay lost to Columbia after Luis Suarez, its star player, was suspended, for biting an Italian opponent. This was the third time that Suarez had used his fangs during a Football match. 

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